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Default Re: Season of the tank!-2013-14 regular season

Again, it’s impossible to predict for sure, but using the 2013 RFA class as an example, they had a pretty hard time getting paid. Most of them either had to wait until the unrestricted guys were gone and/or settle for the low end of their range.

Jeff Teague and Brandon Jennings were both considered among the top available point guards, but both settled for 8M/yr and both were towards the tail end of signings among Amin Elhassan’s top 25 free agent list.

Gary Neal was a late sign and only got 2 years, 6M (although he’s clearly in a lower talent class, too).

Nikola Pekovic eventually (after 1.5 months) agreed to terms with his original team. He got a five-year deal, but pretty much at the base end of the big man range (12M/yr).

Tiago Splitter also managed to sign a new contract with his original team, for the discount price of 9M/yr.

Gerald Henderson was Charlotte’s second-leading scorer, but got hosed in Restricted Free Agency (3 years, 18M total) and was pretty much the last non-minimum level wing to sign.

Only Tyreke Evans got an early deal at a fair value (4/44M), but that’s because he orchestrated a sign & trade that made all parties happy.

A lot more teams could be in play next summer though and I could see pretty much anyone wanting G.
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