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Default Re: Week 9 Discussion

Originally Posted by Goliath Uterus

having your defense bail you out every game can only get you so far

Like I just said, I've watched all their games this year, and I live in Kansas, so I know pretty much everything needs to be known about the Chiefs. I still think the Broncos offense is better than the Chiefs defense, and if the offense is clicking, all we have to do is slow down Jamaal Charles, and get a little bit of pressure on Alex Smith.

All you guys that keep telling me to actually watch the Chiefs games, why don't you take your own advice, and you'd realize that they've been squeeking out victorys against some pretty bad teams. They beat Houston with some favorable officiating and while they had their 3nd string QB out there, barely beat the Titans who started Fitzpatrick, and just barely beat the Browns. the offense reminds me of the Tebow era Broncos.

But yea, should be a great game, I've got a whole lotta $ on the first one, and 50 yardline tix for the one in KC, so they better fvcking win.

All I am saying is I watched my favorite team put up 40 points week in and week out a couple years ago. The 2 games they lost were the 2 games the offense couldn't bail the defense out
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