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Default Re: Home opener thread

Originally Posted by drwax26
But Paul also scored 40+ pts had 15 asst and his team won. If rose can start playing like he played in the 3rd qtr of the Knicks game he will be fine but avg 4 asst a game will not cut it if you are suppose to be an elite PG. Also, boozer should get at least 12-15 shots a game and be more of a focal point seeing that butler, deng and noah cant really create their own shots.

I think part of the blame is Thibs and Rose's teammates. While Thibs is one of the best defensive tacticians ever, his offensive sets are not the great. Lot's of isolations and a ton of high pick and rolls.
Deng, I felt is one of the very few who moves well without the ball. Rose is looking like Kobe in a sense that he holds on to the ball waay to long, while his teammates esp Butler looks on and tries to get out of Rose's way.
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