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Originally Posted by Go Getter
Again, having 43 point sis awesome, but not as awesome when your man has 36. Paul can jus lob the ball to Griffin and Jordan. When is the last time Booz or Noah caught a lob? This is Rose's second game in over 500 days..)I'm no worried yet....I don't think you ca fault him for or haunt asssts when his shooters aren't hitting wide open shots.

The illusion of CP3 being a good defender is he has quick hands and gets a lot of steals as he is usually top 5 in the league every year in steals. Typically he is too small and slow to really defend athletic PGs. I am not worried about Rose I just think when rose is not having a good shooting night he has to be able to affect the game in other ways mainly with his passing. Bulls as a team do need to hit more 3s. I would love to see rose start taking more midrange shots and less 3 pointers. He should only take 3 pointers when he is wide open like the first two possessions of the second half in the knicks game.
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