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Default Re: 2013-2014 Brooklyn Nets Post Game Thread

thanks, bros.

it's not a deep cut, so i cleaned it and skipped the hospital. i've seen enough MMA fights to be terrified of the real deal. my main concern is just infection. and apparently the eyelid is the thinnest area of skin on the whole body.

one thing that's a little crazy is how the blood is slowly wandering all the way from one side of the eye to the other. at this point it's become a pretty decent black eye. can't remember the last time i had one of those. 4th grade maybe?? anyway, if it does scar it should make for a nice little conversation piece. :P

it's funny, this also makes some of those stories about athletes injuring themselves at home a little more credible. you seem to hear it about baseball players... not as much NFL and NBA players.

kevin randleman, former heavyweight champ, once slipped and knocked himself out on his way to the ring. not sure when the last time an NBA player did that, though.
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