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Default Re: Jonathan Martin situation

Originally Posted by ROCSteady
I'm not really talking so much 'smart' or 'dumb' as I am mature or adult age-wise. The obnoxious entitlement factor is overwhelming as well. Society and the institutions involved with high level football are more to blame for the creation of this mentality than the people themselves, imo.

However, yes, some of these guys have the intelligence of 14 year olds yet are celebrated like role models.
Pro athletes in the major sports for the main part get their asses kissed their whole lives, and the locker room is not exactly the most cultured environment. But in terms of how often they're breaking the law, are NFL players that much worse than the general population?
Originally Posted by MavsSuperFan
Try out the wonderlic test

Google some of their scores.
come on man no matter how much pressure they were under, those scores are embarrassing.
They are physically gods among men, but mentally...
The average NFL score is 20. And average intelligence is also 20. There being some players with really low scores is no surprise but you have to realize that outliers misrepresent the whole.
Originally Posted by niko
If this was going on for a year like it seems, i kind of feel for him. What are you supposed to do to stop it? Can you crack someone over the head with a bat? Because that would stop it, but that might also get you removed from the team.
In the NFL the answer probably is to get into a fight. Not sneaking up behind to attack but standing up to him, face-to-face, and getting into an "honorable" brawl. Which hopefully gets broken up soon as 300 lbs men are liable to hurt each other if it lasts a long time. Once a guy knows you're willing to punch him in the mouth he has to choose between getting into a somewhat serious situation or stopping it with the pranks. And the coaching staff may then step in to put a stop to things as well. But the way he's dealt with it is probably going to stigmatize him for the rest of his career. It's nowhere near ideal but the culture is different from the normal job.
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