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Default Re: GAME THREAD: Bulls at Sixers

Originally Posted by Go Getter
Rose really stunk up the place tonight. I haven't been this embarrassed to be a Bull's fan in a long time. I hope Rose can get it together soon because if he doesn't we are in a world of shit Bull's fans. The trolls are hovering like vultures just waiting to rub our collective noses in the carrion.
**** them.

I honestly don't feel he did horrible. MCW is at least a decent defender.(so is Turner who played a few possessions against him) Rose is still trying to get back in the flow. And he didn't really shot jack tonight. I feel that his turnovers need to go down obviously, but that'll come with time. Before the 4th he only had 3 TOs which is pretty respectable, especially given the circumstances.

Does it seem like his chemistry with Deng is absolutely gone though? I swear that's how it looked tonight.
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