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Default Re: The Knicks Official Regular Season Game Thread.

Originally Posted by el gringos
So you guys can't recognize the difference in how teams defend chandler and Bargnani? I'm not saying Bargnani is playing anywhere close as I still expect him to, but atleast watch how his man covers him as opposed to the way chandler moves around unguarded
Honestly all I saw was 19 and 1.

Those are rebounds btw.

But seriously, i dont doubt that defenses actually have to guard bargnani, I know they do, but he also has to guard as well.

Bargnani is only good at guarding his own man, and that has more to do with him being 7 feet tall....his rotations are pathetic.

But overall I think he's done good, I hope to see more.

If Bargs has to guard Love, he might be in for a long night.
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