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Default Re: Dumars Out The Door?

Originally Posted by Aussie Dunker
I don't think we are a new player away, I think we are a current player reaching his potential away. If Drummond turns into Dwight, we are a contender - for example... If KCP reaches his potential - we could contend... If Dre / Moose / Smith works out - we could contend.

There are a lot of ifs, no doubt, but our roster has the boom potential already here, just a matter IF they can all continue to grow as players and gel...

I'll second this. We don't necessarily need another piece. We need the pieces we have to mature. As of right now, we have 4 picks under development that were in the top 10. We have pieces around these guys to build confidence and a winning culture. If they can keep building upon that confidence, I feel this team can contend for a championship.

But as Aussie said, there are a lot of ifs and no sure thing. This team can easily be mediocre, as well. I'm really hoping they do not move Moose. Watching these 3 bigs play together is a beautiful thing. I've loved the ball movement they've had between each other. And Jennings, although his first game back, needs to learn how to use his bigs in a much more effective way. It was horrifying watching him play today. The game moved much more fluidly when Bynum was running the point the previous games.
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