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Default Re: Saints got exposed today

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
I'm annoyed fans that curse their own team 24/7 and then when the team wins they act as though they had their back the whole time...

There are lots of Cowboy fans that curse Romo's name more than Cowboy haters...or just complain about Jerry every fckin week...just like Dirk had tons of doubters and many Dallas fans were Cuban haters pre-ring

it's very "fair weather" IMO

I don't think it is really "fair weather" personally. People just feel the need to vent whenever they are super attached to the W/L outcome of their team's game. People bitch about Romo and Jerry because...they are pissed about a loss and need a target.

It is more about lack of control over their emotions than fairweatherness imo. There are def cases where what you are saying is the case but I don't think it is as common as people like to complain about. It's just that people show their love for the team in different ways.
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