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Default Re: Official Toronto Blue Jays Discussion 2013

Johnson, Buhrle, Dickey didnt flop...

They simply got a healthy dose of ERA plus as I said before.

Guys in the National League always struggle to switch leagues by around 50 points of ERA. Add in the "battter friendly Blue Jays Rogers dome" and the "batter heavy" American League East - those 50 plus points of lost ERA translates into 5 lost games per pitcher.

What we gave up is of no consenquence as this team needs to reach the playoffs during the next 2 -3 years. They smell the fan discontent.

Keep em and resign Johnson if you can.

The big thing is dump all the middle relief and hangers on the rotation for a true number 1 pitcher if you can. Trade 4 for 1 or 5 for 1 and promote a bunch of rookies and D league guys to be your middle relief as long as you can possible land a Zack Grenkie or Roy Haliday.

Play it thin for 3 seasons - make the playoffs on bats an "timely vetern pitching" and then dump dump dump for another 7 year rebuild.
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