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Default Re: 2013-2014 Brooklyn Nets Post Game Thread

Originally Posted by It's A VC3!!!
NO excuse for this loss. A 20 point loss to the Magic? Give me a break. All the Nets did was shoot jumper after jumper and give up layup after shot after layup. The Nets starting 1-2 has very little to do with being a new team but rather being a team that looks down on inferior competition and only shows up for great teams. We're supposed to bring our own energy and tonight, there was no energy or passion. It's funny. The Nets were the best team last season against sub .500 teams. Now they might be the worst.
Hate to be the guy that blames the refs but the refs were pretty god-awful last night.

I agree though, championship teams don't lose these games. Both this and the Cavs game should have been W's.
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