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Default Re: 2013-14 Premier League Power Rankings Thread

Week 2 Power Rankings

Ranking | Last Weeks Ranking Move | Team | Record

1. (0) D.R.A.K.E (1-0-0) -

The 3 time defending champion started off his campaign for another championship with a big 5-4 win over previously ranked #3 Lurkers. Still looking to improve his team, he added a potentially solid big in Tristan Thompson this week. One of the most tenacious (or annoying) managers, he will continue to bombard people with trade offers until he gets his perfect team.

2. (0) Iamgine (1-0-0) -

Projected to win 5-4 over previously ranked #9 Lillard, he met that and more. Chris Paul will need to continue to play out of his mind if he wants to make up for the injures to Ryan Anderson, and Goran Dragic.

3. (0) Los Angeles Lurkers (0-1-0) -

Almost came away with the victory against the top team in the league, but Gasol blocked Korver's desperate attempt at forcing overtime and giving Teague and Gasol a shot at winning points. Still has a very nice team so now is not the time to give up hope. A matchup against 12th ranked OJMayo should allow the 2012 Minors Champ to get his first victory.

4. (+1) Big Poppa PUMPIN (1-0-0) -

Pulled out a great 5-4 win against previously ranked 4th, Floatin'. This team will be tough to beat if Spencer Hawes continue with his great play. Some have questioned whether or not trading Kemba Walker was the right move. Deron Williams might be the better fit for his team, but is he really someone you can depend on? We shall see. #cantwait

5. (-1) Keep Floatin' (0-1-0) -

Won't move down much after a tough 4-5 loss against previously ranked 5th, Big Poppa Pumpin. Despite the loss, his arrow is pointing upwards, as Russell Westbrook made a surprise return on Sunday.Gets a small break this week against 11th ranked Sizz.

6. (+2) Rameek's Year (1-0-0) -

Beat previously ranked #6 G-Train, but it really wasn't a surprise. His team matched up nicely, and he got great contributions from complimentary pieces like Kyle Korver and PJ Tucker. Has a real challenge this week against #2 ranked Iamgine.

7. (-1) G-train (0-1-0) -

Had a tough match-up last week against previously ranked #8 Rameek. Was projected to lose 4-5 and lost by that exact margin. One wonders if this roto-centric team has enough firepower to win big in a H2H league. A matchup against up and comer,10th ranked Bobcatos will be a great measuring stick.

8. (-1) License to LILLARD (0-1-0) -

Bynum surprisingly played, but Lillard still got brutally raped by everyone's new favorite Asian. A 2-6 loss is not a good way to start the season, and Kyrie Irving must improve if this team wants to prevent a free fall in the rankings.

9. (+1) Overdosed (1-0-0) -

The variance is high with this team, and this week his young guys really showed up. If MCW and Sixers teammate Evan Turner continue their great play, this team will continue to move up in the rankings. Gets a easy match-up this week against 14th ranked Cuban.

10. (+1) El Bobcatos 2013 (1-0-0) -

Wasn't a surprise he beat the league laughingstock, but he did surprise by winning 7-2 and taking the #1 spot in the standings. LeBron will give this team a shot most weeks, but not sure it is enough to keep him in the playoff spot. Beating up on teams he is suppose to is a good start.

11. (-2) Sizz (0-0-1) -

Very disappointing first week, as he tied 12th ranked OJMayo. Probably shouldn't have tied, but OJMayo didn't manage properly down the stretch. The activity seems to be there, but he still has no trades to his name. Must improve his balance if he wants to move up in the rankings.

12. (0) Team OJ Mayo (0-0-1) -

Won't move up this week, but that doesn't mean he didn't surprise and get better. He made some moves that give his team some structure, and most importantly, more than 2 PF/C's. Kevin Love and Melo is the strongest duo in the league, but will it be enough for him to move up this week?

13. (0) 313 up in this bich (0-1-0) -

Was projected to win 5-4 against Overdosed, but that didnt take into effect that fact that Tobias Harris missed the entire week. Kept it close until the end where he lost 3-6. Has a brutal match-up this week against the 3-time defending champion.

14. (0) Sponsored by Cuban (0-1-0) -

Not really proving doubters wrong after an opening 2-7 loss. Didn't help things with the Melo trade, but seems to really be attempting to improve with a league-high 4 trades on the season. The season doesn't get any easier this week with a match-up against 9th ranked Overdosed.
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