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Default Re: Jonathan Martin situation

Originally Posted by MavsSuperFan
I agree, Cooper at least could blame being drunk and angry and say it was a one time thing.

Incognito has been doing this to Martin for awhile, and was sober.

One thing I will say is Incognito is a better player than Cooper. But I cant imagine black players welcoming him back like they eventually accepted cooper.
Why not? At the end of the day both black and white players are employees. No one is going to turn their back on that fat NFL pay check just because one of their teammates is a racist. If black players thought that way the league never would have been integrated to begin with. Now there will be complaints, but if Incognito makes a big show of being sorry, changing his ways, asking forgiveness, etc. it can get smoothed over. There are guys in the NFL that beat women, Vick came back after the dog fighting, and Ben Roethlisberger may have gotten away with being a serial rapist. There's a lot of reason to think this guy can return.
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