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Default Re: Jonathan Martin situation

Maybe a team with some really strong locker room leaders would take Incognito, but my guess is that his career is done.

Guys like Vick and Roethlisburger, while they did commit heinous crimes, did not commit them against members of their team. NFL players will put up with a rapist or dog abuser if he is a good teammate, but a guy who is a bad teammate, a guy who is cancerous to the locker room, a guy who is turning teammates against eachother and destroying team morale, thats a whole different story.

Also, his dad sounds like a total piece of work. Like father like son I suppose. The dad called Martin a suicidal drug addict, which if true, means his son has been antagonizing a suicidal drug addict. What kind of asshole antagonizes a suicidal drug addict? The father (if the messageboard poster is really him) is certainly not helping Incognito look any better.

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