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Default Re: Jonathan Martin situation

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
Maybe he is all those things but on the flipside he was part of the team's leadership council so someone had to like him. He doesn't have to win over majority opinion, he just has to find one coaching staff and ownership that will take him on. His situation will be a lot like Vick's. There was a time when Vick was one of the most, if not the most, despised man in America. He spent 21 months in jail. His rep was worse than Incognito's. He still eventually got a second chance. Incognito doesn't have Vick's talent but he also won't have spent two years out of football. I see your point about him having hurt teammates when Vick, Roethlisberger, etc. did not but Vick did lie to people throughout the Falcon organization which is pretty bad, and it won't be an important distinction to everyone. Bottom line, he doesn't have to win vote across the league, he just has to get one team to believe him when he says he's a new man.

The fact that he was on the team leadership council doesnt really mean much imo. There are a lot of reasons an asshole could end up on a council like that, maybe a lot of his teammates did like him (doesnt mean he is a nice guy), maybe he bullied people into putting him there, who knows?

Perhaps Vicks rep was worse than Incognitos with the average american (this could change, depending on how the incognito story develops), but Vick was never a locker room cancer. Vick did commit a terrible crime in his free time, but he served his time and paid his debts. On the other hand, Incognito just sounds like a piece of shit who abuses teammates that he perceives to be lesser, and that is something you just cant have if you want a healthy and functional team. In my opinion, guys who destroy a team from the inside out are a completely different story from guys who destroy a team by doing something stupid in their free time.

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