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Default Re: Jonathan Martin situation

Originally Posted by Sarcastic
I'm really not surprised that of all people, you are coming to the defense of Incognito.

Were you the one filming this video of him dropping the N-bomb?

So tell me chief where does he say the N word in that video? Funny how that video happens to pop up today.

And people need to stop making a big deal out of that word. Black people call eachother it all the time, even in demeaning manners yet noone says shit. You are racially discriminating against white people by only critsizing them when they say it. in reality, it's a slur just like fcuk, *******t, or shit so get off your ****ing high horse and dont act like you never use these words.

You've clearly never played any sports or had any real friends in your life. All of these comments like "I'm going to shit down your throat" are harmless banter between MASCULINE MEN. You can take your pussyboy politically correct comments elsewhere.

The real problem is this Jonathan Martin dude is mentally inept. He is the one who needs to get kicked off the team. Has no place in the big bad worlds of the NFL. I never want to see him play another down for the Dolphins again.
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