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Default Re: Season of the tank!-2013-14 regular season

Posted on November 3, 2013 by David Locke

Here is a collection of finds involving the Jazz with the new Player Tracking Data – Defensive and Movement


Derrick Favors has run 7.8 miles in 3 games most on the team his average of 2.6 miles is 10th in the NBA.

Gordon Hayward is second on the Jazz averaging 2.5 miles run per game

John Lucas averages 2.4 and Enes Kanter averges 2.3 miles a game


Derrick Favors leads the NBA (non point guards) in touches at 83.3 a game though only 38.3 of those are front court touches.

Favors 9 close touches (within 12 feet) per game are the most in the NBA by a sizeable amount, next is Marc Gasol at 7.3

Enes Kanter is getting 6 close touches a game 13th in the NBA

Enes Kanter leads the Jazz at .6 pts per front court touch – this rewards not passing of course. He is the only Jazz player in the top 100 of pts per front court touch


This is defined as the defender being within 5 feet of the basket and within 5 feet of the player taking the shot

Best in the league are Asik allowing 21%, Kaman 21% and Hibbert 21%

On average Derrick Favors defends 8.3 shots per night at the rim and teams are shooting 53%

On average Enes Kanter defends 7.3 shots per night at the rim and teams are shooting 50%’

Note Paul Millsap is allowing 63% and Carlos Boozer 64%
I'm still not convinced Favors is a better defender than Kanter either. Better help defender.

If the filter becomes only 3 FGA at rim per game Gordon Hayward is the best in the NBA at 11.0% 1 for 9

When Rudy Gobert is within 5 feet of rim and 5 feet of player taking the shot teams are 2 for 10


Of players getting 5 rebounds a game Gordon Hayward leads the NBA in % of rebounds per chance. A chance is defined as times a player is within 3.5 feet of a rebound. Hayward has grabbed 19 of the 22 rebounds he has had a chance to get.

Only 26% of Hayward’s rebounds have been contested

Derrick Favors is getting 54% of his rebound chances and 37.5% of his rebounds are contested

Enes Kanter is getting 54% of his rebound chances and 53% of his rebounds are contested

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