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Default Re: Official 2013-14 Toronto Raptors Regular Season Game Thread

Originally Posted by Chamberlain
Three games of the same thing. It's not really a trend yet, but its all we have to go on as of now.

And why wait to throw him to the wolves against teams with good interior threats? Get him into those late game situations against teams with weak front courts, get his confidence up, and exploit their weaknesses. If a team throws out small ball, why not throw out Valanciunas to counteract what they're doing and force them into playing one of their weak interior players? Shit don't make no sense.

Exactly. A team like Indy is a perfect example of that. They've been super effective against Miami because they have Hibbert and West to bang on the inside and create an interior presence. They play inside out. If they tried to play small ball against them and bench Hibbert, they would not be an elite team. Now i'm not saying Val and Hibbert are equals but I am saying that we haven't exploited their weaknesses and they (the Heat) don't have a post player of Val's calibur. And as a matter of fact, a lot of teams don't nowadays because their 4s and 5s play perimeter ball like Bosh and Dirk. Val is the key to our future, and right now his development is being hampered big time. I don't know if it's by design but who else controls his minutes and the amount of touches he gets?
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