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Default Re: Season of the tank!-2013-14 regular season

Rush pointed out that he'll be limited to five-minute playing stretches, hopefully to be increased by the game.

"Iím happy to just get out there just to get some running up and down against some real opponents," Rush said. "(I'll) just try to build some confidence back in my knee. Hopefully, it goes good."

The addition is more than welcome by Corbin.

ďItís difficult. We see where weíre making progress and where we miss the guys we have out,Ē Corbin admitted. ďThe guys that are in uniform have done a great job for us. Weíre shorthanded. We donít have a lot of options in a lot of what weíre doing because of the guys that we have out. The guys are doing a good job, the ones that are in uniform.Ē

Rush, acquired in the offseason trade with Golden State, recently began fully participating in practice. After Tuesday's shootaround, he posted on Twitter, "Might see some action n the game tonight.Ē

Rush hasnít played in more than a year, having injured his knee in the second game with the Warriors last Nov. 2. He had surgery in January, and itís been a slow recovery progress since then.

In 2007, Rush suffered the same ACL injury to his right knee while in college.

"I kind of look back at that because I've already been through it before and I knew what itíd take to come back from an injury like this. Itís hard work," Rush said. "I put in the hard work and now itís just time for me to get back out on the court."

Rush is expected to become a valuable member of the Jazz bench, providing an outside scoring threat and perimeter defense.

So, how is that shot?

"Itís feeling good. I donít think you can lose the touch," Rush said. "Thatís all Iíve been doing for the last nine, 10 months ó working on shooting and dribbling."
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