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Default Re: bustinBytches new album wont be release this year

How hard is it for you to misspell words on
purpose and try to write some of the most incoherent,try hard,
"pretending to barely know English",idiotic,rambling garbage mess posts each and every time?

Seriously man,cut the crap.

You're a "so called foreigner that barely knows English",
yet knows more complicated words and sure knows
how to write a lot in English.

Cut the act,everybody knows this is just another troll account
and the posts are written like that to get attention.

Just I got to ask,besides the attention,what makes somebody try to write like that each and every time?
How do you not smack yourself in the face after reading some of that, and
how do you even manage to write like that over and over?
It must be hard pretending you barely know English and writing unreadable and
idiotic posts like that.
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