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Default Re: The Knicks Official Regular Season Game Thread.

Originally Posted by el gringos
Yeah it's so easy for forwards to play with chandler isn't it. Dirk did it. All I'm saying is give both Carmelo and Bargnani time without chandler before you make a final judgment. And if you can't recognize bargnanis skill and talent then you don't understand basketball. Production isn't just ability, it's ability and opportunity combined. Opportunity while playing with guys like chandler, Felton, and shumpert is a difficult thing to find.

You want balance then you can't have so many non factors on offense. You need to play both Bargnani and jr smith with Carmelo instead of just taking turns between Carmelo and jr by themselves.
This might one of your poorest post yet.

No team is starting all of their scorers.

You really are desperate for anything to make Bargs look good, dude sucks end of story.

Shumpert couldnt shoot two years ago, lost half a year rehabbing an acl tear, and now strokes it from three better than bargs has his whole career.

This was Shumps first training camp and he's blowing bargnani out the water.

Chandler has been our best player and notice how he actuallyt has been sinking jumpers...yes jumpers, total proof that SCORING IS OVERRATED.

Bargnani had the entire preseason and he has started everysingle loss this year.

We won when he didnt start....imagine that, and he still found a away to be -11 in a win.
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