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Default Re: Game Thread: Bulls Vs. Pacers

-Yes, I think so.
-I think Noah will break out of his funk this game, maybe the next. And Rose we'll see. I think he'll play better than he has, but that's not saying a lot. I think his first all star-level game happens Friday against the shitty Jazz, or definitely against Cleveland because he always gets up for games against fellow star point guards.
-Nah, the 3 pointer problem is partly who's taking them. Rose is jacking up too many, and Deng is taking ones, but they're usually not the corner ones that he makes.
-The thread was made way before K.C. tweeted it, but players can wear it now. And I have no idea why they couldn't before.
-He's nearing superstar level, Deng should matchup nicely though.

Agreed on Taj/Rose.
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