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Default Re: More DeMarcus Cousins issues in Sacramento?

Originally Posted by insidehoops
After playing DeMarcus Cousins just 18 minutes vs. the Warriors on Saturday, coach Mike Malone said he wants DMC to be a better "communicator" defensively.
"DeMarcus has shown that when he comes out and with energy and fire and emotion, he is arguably one of the best big men in the NBA," Malone said. Andrew Bogut scored easily on two post-ups to begin the game, and successfully drew a few fouls which seemed to take Cousins out of the game mentally. The result was his first dud of the season with eight points and seven rebounds, but he should bounce right back vs. the Hawks on Tuesday.

-- Rotoworld

Exact same thing happened in the Hawks game, Cousins got punched in the balls and then self destructed.

Other teams are keen to the fact that if you antagonize Cousins enough, he will stop focusing on basketball and take himself out of the game.

Cousins needs to understand that people are trying to make him self destruct, and figure out a way to ignore it or use it as fuel. If he ever figures out a way to channel his emotion and anger into focusing on basketball, look out world.

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