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Default Re: Could '14 Bucs mirror the Chiefs?

I like the premise of this thread as I hadn't thought about it with this organization but where you're going with this is not far fetched at all IMO.

However, it's hard to believe a rookie QB can duplicate the type of ball security that Alex Smith has this season. Even if they keep Glennon around, Alex Smith had great QB tutelage in San Francisco that jumped his game from possible 'bust' to smart QB of an undefeated team halfway through the year.

Also, I think all that great talent in the secondary needs to prove itself before teams should fear it the way fans did on paper prior to the season. Now admittedly, I haven't watched many of their games after the first couple weeks but they didn't really play as a unit.

Tampa has really talented pieces (you forgot McCoy) but where the Chiefs comparison is kinda lost with me is....

they need to trade for a veteran QB who is efficient and well coached. Bridgewater, Mariota or McCarron (sp?) would be better for the long term but to mirror the disaster to spectacular scenario of this year's Chief's, the Bucs would need to bring in a guy who has experience at this level in times of consequence who isn't a complete dunce at this point.

Good thread though, some interesting comparisons
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