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Default Re: The Knicks Official Regular Season Game Thread.

Chandler has been our best player and notice how he actuallyt has been sinking jumpers...yes jumpers, total proof that SCORING IS OVERRATED.

He's hit like 3. Let's not get ahead of ourselves lol But everything else you said was spot on.

I'm no Chandler fan by any means but we do need him. I don't even want to think what the alternative will be. I can only imagine the horrific lineups Woody has floating around in that bald dome of his.

THIS is exactly why you don't spend half your mini mid on Pablo Prigioni. You can't just get a few guys you like and say "It doesn't matter. These guys will never play anyway" to the rest. I'm with you city. We should have kept Diogu or brought back Barron. I wouldn't even have minded Powell. You can't have Aldrich as your only backup center.
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