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Default Re: Official 2013-14 Toronto Raptors Regular Season Game Thread

Originally Posted by bokes15
This team always looks disoriented and confused in close late game scenarios. No surprises there, another day another loss.


I missed most of yesterdays game but cuaght the tail end last few minutes. Again much like Miami I 'hear' Jonas got the ball lots early - with success -and it tailed off.

I am agreeing that the team is not preped and not ready to handle the crunch and the players are either not enacting coaches plans - or worse the coach has the wrong plan.

The coaching staff is going to have to make 2 player hold themselves more accountable based on 5 game trend ; or be held accountable themselves.


Rudy Gay 2013-14 YTD
3.8 Assists 1.9 Steals = 5.7 Offence contributions. 5.7 Turnovers

Demar Derozan 2013 14 YTD
1.4 Assist. 2.1 steals = 3.5 Offence contributions 3.5 Turnovers

Essentially NET ZERO contribution other than jacking up the ball to the hoop and making X %

By way of camparison.

JV 2013 14 YTD
15.6 RBs 0 Assists 1.0 Steals = 16.6 Offence contributions. 3.1 Turnovers

For this team to win Gay / Derozan are needed to score points but also REQUIRED to "Contribute in a net positive way" to the offence with assists steals etc....

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