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Default Re: Season of the tank!-2013-14 regular season

With eventual starting point guard Trey Burke still sidelined with his finger injury, Corbin admitted he might look for alternative playmaker options.

In Wednesday’s comeback attempt, Hayward, Burks and Clark each took turns handling the ball and/or defending the C’s point guards. Veteran point guards John Lucas III and Jamaal Tinsley are both off to rough starts to the season.
This is a surprise? They are 3rd pgs. Tinsley didn't even have training camp.

“Maybe,” Corbin said when asked if he’d consider using Hayward or Burks at the point as an alternative quick fix. “Because I thought we had a little bit more offensive punch in the group.”

The Jazz coach is hesitant, though, because he doesn’t prefer to use the players out of their natural positions.
They should have the ball in their hands. Ideally you have someone that can hit shots and play D in with them which Clark and Lucas are supposed to be able to do.

Overall, Corbin is taking an all-hands-on deck approach, with Burke, Marvin Williams, Jeremy Evans and Andris Biedrins being out and Brandon Rush not quite ready to play daily.

“We’ve got to make sure we use everything that we have,” Corbin said. “We’re short-handed. We need everybody to be ready to go.”

In the meantime, the Jazz will continue to play this season with an eye toward the future. This year is more about helping the five foundation players develop than anything else.

What about Gobert, Clark and Evans?

The hard part about that, though, is trying to keep players fully interested and motivated while they’re piling up losses. Part of the learning process, of course, is learning how to win, not just how to fill up the stat sheet or getting minutes.

That's why you need a mix of vets and why guys should have to earn their way and not be thrown out there just because like Burke will be.

“It’s a year of learning. We want to make sure we’re growing every night we step out there,” Corbin said. “I think they’re getting used to it. Derrick and Enes (are) in starting roles for the first time. Gordon (is) starting primarily after being off the bench. … Alec’s increasing his minutes on the floor.

“They’re closing games for us. It’s a learning process. It can be frustrating just not getting any reward for all the work you’re putting in, but we have to stay in it to make it happen.”

Hayward echoed his coach, using the word “frustrating” multiple times in the visitors locker room at TD Garden on Wednesday night.

“It’s the little things that we aren’t doing, and that’s why we’re losing basketball games. We’ve got to pay a lot more attention to detail,” Hayward said. “We have the talent. That’s not a question. We have the talent to win basketball games. We’re just not doing the little things, the details. Our focus is not there for the full 48 minutes.”

Actually it's a big question until they prove it.

When that happens, Hayward said that other NBA teams “punish that," as has happened five times in a week.

“I think it is a little bit part of the learning process,” he said. “But that’s just on us as professionals to get it together and figure this out or else it’s going to be a long season.”



Don't think there's much doubt it will be a long season. No sure what people were thinking when they thought this team was going to be winning 35 games.
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