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Default Re: Season of the tank!-2013-14 regular season

Historically, minimum salary (or near-min) guys hardly ever get moved unless it’s as a throw-in to make numbers work. The only reason these four are listed as less likely than the group above them is because this group getting traded probably depends on someone else getting traded, too.

13. Jamaal Tinsley. When the Jazz called JT into service, he was working out solo waiting for a call from other teams. It would probably take a stellar year to create interest among teams who later in the year are looking for a similar veteran fill-in as they approach the playoffs. Even if that interest is there, there is a wrinkle that makes Tinsley the least likely of this group: since he’s on a one-year deal and he’ll be Bird Rights-eligible at the end of it, his sign-off is required in any trade.

Minnesota wanted him a couple years ago supposedly. He could be a good pick up at some point for someone needing a veteran 3rd pg.

12. Mike Harris. Harris surprised everybody by earning a roster spot and continued surprising when the regular season began. But I can’t imagine a huge market for a 30-year-old minimum salary ‘tweener forward with 35 games of experience and who probably doesn’t survive October cuts if not for frontcourt injuries.

11. John Lucas III. When he returns to the bench unit, Lucas’ warts as a playmaker may be less visible and he may get nominated as a sweetener in a larger deal. His 2014-15 salary, per various sources, is non-guaranteed, so he represents low risk and is more likely to be traded than JT only because he doesn’t have trade veto power.

10. Ian Clark. Tops this group mostly because there is apparently already some level of interest in the reigning Vegas League MVP. There were enough bidders for Clark that Utah had to offer a partial guarantee to get him into camp, so somewhere there’s a team or two that wouldn’t mind giving the Belmont product a shot.

Scenarios: These four are more likely to leave via waivers than via trade (and even then, only if Utah needs to free up a roster spot for some reason). If a trade were to happen, they’ll probably be the second or third name listed on the Jazz’s end.

Expiring and non guaranteed contracts are desirable.
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