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Default Re: Is shooting 100 free throws in a row possible for me?

Originally Posted by tgan3
He has someone passing to him, so its easier to get a rhythm. Im always alone at the gym though haha. But he's very good no doubt
If your high is 92/100, it seems as if 100/100 is possible. You're right though, it's tougher when having to get your own rebound.

One of my former players went 100/100 once. He was a dead eye practice free throw shooter yet only a pretty good in-game shooter (likely high 70's).

I personally don't know my high off hand. I believe it's in the low to mid 90's but I do not recall with precision. Again though, I have the benefit of working with a shooting machine, so it's easy to keep track and maintain a great rhythm. Typically, I almost always finish around the 86-88% mark, which was my in-game percentage. It's weird how often I'll end up in the range. When making that many (or in your case, 92), it feels like just by chance we should stumble upon a high 90's score at some point, no?
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