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Originally Posted by $LakerGold
I'm 6'0, & I have no vertical leap at all whatsoever. Kids were like touching the board & stuff, & I couldn't, til a couple of months later... & what's weird was, I played F/C in our league back home & SG/SF in JV/Varsity, & I out rebound the **** out of everyone... I guess my instincts/anticipation is good? And by that, it gives me the ability to anticipate where the ball is headed after a shot is missed & position myself correctly? Because seriously, out of 8 times, I jump higher than them & get the ball.... & this has been bugging me for YEARS. & yeah, let me post too ... haha you don't want none of that.

What are your thoughts on that ISH?

For me, I don't know the right word, but let's start with -- bizarre & weird. lol
For me that tells me you've got a good motor, instincts, and positioning. It gets said a lot, but jumping high does not necessarily make a good rebounder. It's but one piece of the puzzle. Rebounding is kind of like defense, in that a lot of folks don't always want to do what's required to be great at it.
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