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Default Re: KD with another big game

Originally Posted by Rose'sACL
Lebron's playing style is different from durant. he may not drive as much now but he used to drive to the rim so much that he should always lead the league in free throws attempts and there shouldn't be any question about that. even last season he was driving to the rim a lot more than durant.
Durant is also a lot skinnier and any contact on him makes refs give him the call while in lebron's case, refs think that he can take the contact.
I like durant a lot but he shouldn't average as many free throws as lebron. Teams like indiana and chicago have even accepted that they don't ever want to give lebron any easy basket as he is a great finisher around the rim. there is no logic in doing the same to durant as he is a really good free throw shooter unlike lebron. Teams try to get lebron out of rythm by fouling him but that doesn't work on durant. It is good for durant to be a good ft shooter but lebron should get more calls than KD.

i would like you to actually watch the games.
Came here to say more or less the same thing
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