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Default Is there a worse starting wing combo than Salmons and Thornton?

I can't for the life of me understand how two undersized, no D scrubs can be earning 7-8million a season while bricking open shots and providing nothing to a basketball team. I have never seen so much ****ing dead weight in my life. Both are logging in crazy playing time Thornton just played 40mins of his playing garbage D and bricking like no 2morro.

Salmons is averaging 5.8ppg 28% (mainly on open looks) and dribbling the ball aimlessly none stop

Thornton 9.6ppg on 35% with lots of open looks and plenty of Nick Young like chucks. To top it all off he's probably the most negative player from a body language point of view I have ever seen and that's a lot coming from a Kings fan.

The PF's have sucked to but won't get into that at least they visible try but are simply overmatched. Last time I checked Kings were not even trying to tank yet we are doing a better job than anyone else.

Start the rookie #M16 already and I can't believe I'm saying this but more Travis Outlaw it's that bad atm smh
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