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Default Re: Could '14 Bucs mirror the Chiefs?

I don't see potential for a turnaround comparable to what KC has done, but there certainly is nowhere to go but up.

I wouldn't put Martin near Charles status, though Jackson has outperformed Bowe. Wright could end up being a big factor.

While the defense does have talent, I don't get the same sense that I did watching the Chiefs last year. KC had a very good defense that was sabotaged by an offense that couldn't stay on the field at all. Bucs D looks solid, but still makes some crucial mistakes.

The biggest difference is at QB. Smith is a proven pro and winner. Glennon or whoever they would draft is going to be significantly behind Smith in the ability to manage a game in a low risk offense. And for a "low risk" offense, KC can put a lot of pressure on a defense because of the presence of two guys with game breaking speed (Charles and McCluster).

Their division is an obstacle as well. I think Carolina is starting to find themselves (though that could have been said of them at some point in each of the last couple seasons), Atlanta should be healthier and better, and NO is the gold standard. Tampa could well be significantly better yet struggle for 6-7 wins.

Good thread and premise worth thinking about.
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