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Default Re: Is Battlefield and Killzone better than COD?

Well is all up to you, I enjoy both because I'm a +2.00 Kd 500 SPM player in both. Battlefield is a game that I can play and chill, but I can't play COD without having my try hard on screaming at the TV.

So COD is a game thats easy to pick up, but a lot of bullshit happens, advise you to play with friends, make up strategies like spawn trapping so you can turn the game into your slaughterhouse. Battlefield is more of a war simulator, where in COD you can dominate a game by yourself, in Battlefield you need a large group of good people to win. And even then it's not like you dominate the game, you are nothing in the bigger scheme of what's going on(unless you have a vehicle)

Like I said it all comes down to you, do you want a war simulator? or an Arcade shooter that's easier to pick up?

Oh and IDK about killzone, I played it once and did not like it, the games looks to gray for my liking
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