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Default Re: Call of Duty: Ghost

Originally Posted by magic chiongson
wrong analogy, macbook air has an intel core processor while apple 3 has an old apple processor. iw3 engine is directly extended from quake 3 engine code cod fanboy: "the latest cod graphics looks way better than the previous one"

The processor is one of the things they upgraded somewhere along the line, hence the word upgrade.

Saying it's an upgrade (over many, many generations) of the Quake 3 engine is fanboy nonsense. Might as well say it's an upgrade of the Quake 1 engine. We are talking many, many iterations ago, there is nothing direct about it.

What is your point any way? DICE didn't build a new engine for Battlefield 4 either by your logic. But I didn't see you trolling the Battlefield thread by saying they simply used an old engine saying the devs had it easy and it's all based around Bad Company tech. Oooh right, that's that fanboyism coming into play.
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