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Default Re: Trent Richardson traded to Colts for 1st round draft pick..

Originally Posted by Carbine
Trent has forced more missed tackles per touch than anyone in football that has a qualified amount of touches, I believe. He averages the highest percentage of his yards after contact as anyone in the NFL also.

You can hate on him all you want for now, but their will be a day when his production improves....and he will be the same player as he's always been - Just the people around him improve enabling him to have a chance instead of fending off tacklers in the backfield so often.

That's all I'll say.

Ray Rice didn't go from an elite RB to a scrub in a span of 8 months. People around him have been struggling and he's getting hit in the back field a bunch this year, way way more than previous years. He hasn't been as "spry" as years past but he's nowhere near a scrub now.
Nah, Ray Rice is playing like a scrub right now. Shit happens to RBs sometime. Clinton Portis went from MVP candidate to bum in one year. That's the one position where that kind of downward spiral is common
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