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Default Re: Nation-State Draft 3

Originally Posted by TheSilentKiller
Creativity~4.5. I like all of the planning that went into your selection of Venezuela. Since countries don't have their own category, I thought I would give you a boost here.
CHI~4. Before your write-up, I didn't see a possible way to fit Buddha into your society. The way you did so makes sense, but it still leaves me wary. Technological advances and a rapidly growing economy should keep your citizens satisfied.
Defense~1. Outside of Sun Tzu you are lacking greatly. With your rich oil reserves, you have to be very wary of invaders and at your current state, you are unprepared to deal with such a threat.
Economy~ 4.5. Lots of oil = fast flowing economy. I also like the use of Tesla for work with hyrdopower.
Political Stability~4. TJ is a very fair leader and actually a very good fit for your country. As long as Engels can be content without a communist regime, your political structure is fairly sound.
Human Rights~5. Nobody in your country is know for their destruction of human rights, and your voice of the people role in the government should prevent any wrongdoings from occurring.
Total: 24

Creativity~ 3.5. Not terribly creative but you made some interesting selections nonetheless.
CHI~4. Living in Russia automatically loses you a point do to the harsh harsh winters. Michelangelo and a unifying Religion keep you the happiness up though.
Defense~5. Two renowned generals to protect your borders should keep you safe. And anyone dumb enough to invade you will pay the price of a cold Russian winter. Where your choice of country you before, it helps you here.
Economy 3.5~Although you don't have a great economy in place, I think that the system you offered could potentially work. Some more details needed though...
Political Stability~4.5. Constantine and Pope John Paul II may not always see eye to eye, but I like what you did here. Cardinal Richelieu could potentially provide a militaristic voice as well.
Human Rights~5. As long as your nation is content with being Christian, you will surely prosper. However, if you want to grow as a nation you will most likely have to allow other religions into your country and that could create some issues.
Total: 25.5

Creativity~4.5. Well done. Forming a socialist democracy that might work is not an easy task, but I believe you may have done it.
CHI~4. Your country should have decent resources and be technologically sufficient, but a lack of arts may prevent people from being too happy.
Defense~3.5. For a country with a lot of borders, only having one general may be tricky. Saladin is a good pick, but his talents may be stretched to wide.
Economy~5.5. Keynes, Rothschild, and Hayek form a very interesting mix of guys that should keep the money moving and secure.
Political Stability~5. I like that you have a prime minister with a few key advisors. With the right people in charge, you should be able to get a lot accomplished.
Human Rights~3.5. Slightly worried about this part. I could see Deng abusing his power at the expense of the people.
Total: 26

Will do three more tonight and the rest on Saturday.

Bump for Saturday
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