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Default Re: Nation-State Draft 3

Originally Posted by vapid
USA should almost be banned... I feel like it is clearly the best geographic region. Easily defendable, plenty of resources, diverse environments, and a lot of space.
Since I'm bored and I think these drafts are awesome Im going to contribute my opinion
Russia is a way better country than the US IMO. Because
1-More or less impossible to occupy
2-Largest freshwater supply in the world, largest lumber supply in the world, largest energy reserves in the world, tons of mineral wealth (probably leads the world in most categories though Im not certain)
3-Lots of countries nearby rely heavily on it for resources (particularly european countries) which puts you in a position of power no matter what else happens.
Also, why the **** would anyone pick Mao, let alone in the third round? Fine enough military leader, but he was a god damn idiot when it came to any sort of policy. In fact when China began to grow falls really closely in line with when he died.
read up on how he intentionally tried to cause the extinction of sparrows which was a big reason for China's famines in the mid 20th century
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