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Default Re: 2013 College Football Discussion Thread

updated bcs rankings:

there's actually three people in the harris poll that voted fsu 3rd
good god...and they're part of the bcs equation.

bama will not do what it did to lsu to fsu. fsu's D is way better, ranked 4th nationally and they have a much better QB. they have the best QB of the top 5 teams. if bama has a weakness, it's their cornerbacks and fsu has arguably the most talented trio of WR's in the nation.

bama's strength is seriously probably their coach. give that guy 2+ weeks to prep and he's shown that he's an absolute monster. i'm not even going to front on that.

if there's a weakness on fsu, it's getting pressure off the edges consistently. still, i'd say they're getting better at that by the week, especially with pruitt mixing up packages.

also, just looked up tickets for the BCS nat'l title game...cheapest i could find was $700 in the northeast nosebleeds. got damn man.

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