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Default Re: What's the Knick's strategy?

Originally Posted by Trentknicks
Considering we have a 20 million dollar black whole (of our own doing) in our salary cap I think we are doing okay. Clear that they have no direction till 2015 when there is nearly total salary cap space. But imagine every other team in the league's performance when their 2nd best player (when healthy), gets injured and can contribute nothing.

Also, little early in the season isn't it? Lot of other teams looking shaky as hell, just more fashionable for keyboard warriors to hate on the Knicks I guess.

EDIT: A core of Amare/Tyson/Melo isn't winning anything, and was set up by Donnie Walsh. Grunwald, with no flexibilty whatsoever have managed to add Felton, Bargs, MWP, JR, Udrih for next to nothing and also found Jeremy Lin, Pablo Prigioni and Chris Copeland in the bargain bin. Not all that bad for a GM with his hands tied behind his back so to speak.

Hope we don't extend Melo as he needs such a favourable supporting cast to be competitive and isn't a real winner. But most of the poster intent on laughing at the Knicks for having Melo would probably do the same if we let Melo go and tried to rebuild competely.

Other than the spelling mistake this is true. Knicks are literally paying Amare to do nothing. Other than this they have an owner with no patience or direction. But the biggest issue is Amare's soul sucking contract. I've always thought a guy like Paul Milsap would be a perfect fit with Melo, with Amare's contract they could land Milssap and have money left over for a couple defensive role players.
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