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Default Jennings out of control

Did anyone else see Jennings start go hero-balling way too early in this game? He can't run an effective pick-and-roll like Bynum. He runs it, then usually ends up taking a mid-ranger (which he was hitting), but that started feeding him. And kept pulling, and pulling, and driving, and pulling.

I would have liked if they kept feeding Monroe or hell, GO BACK TO SMITH. Guy didn't even score in the second half. Not sure if he took more than 2 shots in the second half.

I hope Cheeks and Billups have a small talk with him after this game. The first streak when Monroe was on fire, Jennings started hero-balling and it was taking everyone else out of their game. The second run when he hit 3 straight buckets, I can forgive, but I don't have to like it.

Did anyone else see this or was it just me hating?
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