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Default Re: Good or bad? Traded Dwight+Westbrook for Millsap+Gortat

Originally Posted by Myth
6 team league (so stacked teams), head to head.
Pts, blks, stls, asts, reb, 3PM, Ft%, Fg%

My roster:
Chris Paul
Monta Ellis
Kevin Durant
Carmelo Anthony
DeMarcus Cousins

Michael-Carter Williams
OJ Mayo
Kawhi Leonard
Paul Millsap
Andre Drummond
DeAndre Jordan
Jrue Holiday
Jimmy Butler
Kyle Korver
Carlos Boozer
Pau Gasol
Mario Chalmers

I've been doing well in most categories, but Howard killed me at the line by missing about 5 free throws per game. I have a good amount of scoring, so Westbrook was kind of expendable since scoring was his biggest function. The combo of Millsap and Gortat seems like it should make up for Dwight's rebounding+blocks, which were the only real advantage he added (his FG% was decent too).

What do you think?
Yes I agree Wesbrook is a narrow player and Millsap/Gortat are both dynamic players.
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