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Default Re: Why does COD always get more sales over other better FPS games?

Originally Posted by ukballer
While it probably doesn't appeal to a lot of people here, and I rarely watch it myself, but competitive CoD as an e-sport is also extremely popular, and audience figures constantly grow. Certain 'teams' have gone pro, and even live together so they can play CoD for god knows how many hours a day. Not on a level of LoL or Dota, but it's still big. Doesn't do it for me personally, but to some kids, these pro-gamers are their heroes.

too bad COD completely destroyed the pro scene after COD4. I used to play on a pretty professional level for COD2 to 4 and the ability to mod the maps for competitive play was lost after COD4 aka no more promods. There isn't a single person i know from the professional COD4 community that moved on to the other COD series.

The game quite frankly is catered now for console 12 yr olds, whom will blindly buy every game that COD put out because they are 12 yr olds... Not to mention the game is super easy these days, all these whos got a better KD or 360 no scope is
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