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Default Re: Suns coach Hornacek has a... limited roster

Real solid so far. Probably the best defensive squad we had in the last decade. Everyone hustle and play their ass off every night.
Several occasions they overplay a offensive/defensive possession, but no player out on the court is lazy. Very good effort by this young team.

Kieff, Marcus, Tucker, Plumlee, Bledsoe, Dragic all playing great. Even Frye playing good D.
Goodwin still shaky on the court, but his fearlessness will take him far. Hope the Suns keep him for the future. Len is missing time but when he was on the court he look lost on both ends.

Maybe the player Im most unhappy with is Green. Sure hes been doing good, but he lost control of the ball too much and he sometimes get a little trigger happy for my liking.

Kieff for 6moy and Bledsoe for MIP will be some great sparks to push them further.
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