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Default Re: Let's acknowledge Miles Plumlee

Originally Posted by Anti Hero
I don't know that he'll be a top 5, without looking at your top 5 again, I'll try and see if I can come up with 5 of my own.

Al Jeff


Plumlee could possibly become one of the better centers in the league, he's already better than a lot.. to think he was just a throw in from that trade.

The problem here is the Suns are supposed to be losing a lot more than they are... we need at top 3 if not top pick in the draft this year. It's fun watching them compete, but knock it off guys!
Lol suns continue to compete. As you already mentioned we need to draft high but what if continue down this path? I was expecting our success to die down once teams shook off their rust and warmed up but we're playing very well. Spurs are still a top team and we almost came away with the win. I'm sure with dragic we would have won. Markieff Is beasting as of late too
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