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Default Re: Rocket fans....were Laker fans right about Dwight?

Originally Posted by PleezeBehave
Lakers fans are acting like Dwights' flaws were discovered when he was a Laker by Lakers fans, but he was the OMFGJIZZ player of the year when he was traded TO the Lakers and a dynasty was born, LOL'd at Magic fans for gifting the All-World center to them for a broken Bynum... yet made fun of him during the 2009 Finals as a member of the Magic, for being limited and owned by Bynum and Gasol while being called the games' best center and Magic fans being excited for having him on the team.

His flaws, both mental and as a basketball player/human being, were known way back and but Lakers fans are sourgrapes at him for being Dwight Mini last season and ruining a Lakers season and eventually leaving the team in ruins, pouting like Dwight always is, and laughing at the Rockets for potentially heading straight towards a head-on crash a.k.a. "Dwightmare v3.0 featuring The Beard".

Kinda like us Magic fans last season, while watching and laughing the downward spiral called The Premature Lakers Championship Parade 2012-2013.

It goes round and round and round and round....

Dwight was the Lakers weakest link. He is not a first option and he wanted to be first option. Limited post game will not cut out as a go-to guy when you need a basket.

Laker fans did not want Dwight for these very reasons. It was an automatic championship playing against Orlando. We knew Dwight wasn't capable.

It just sucks that he had to play for the Lakers. Playing for the Lakers prevented us to speak our true feelings.

Now that he's gone we can speak up.
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