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Default Re: Let's acknowledge Miles Plumlee

Originally Posted by Anti Hero
I don't know that he'll be a top 5, without looking at your top 5 again, I'll try and see if I can come up with 5 of my own.

Al Jeff


Plumlee could possibly become one of the better centers in the league, he's already better than a lot.. to think he was just a throw in from that trade.

The problem here is the Suns are supposed to be losing a lot more than they are... we need at top 3 if not top pick in the draft this year. It's fun watching them compete, but knock it off guys!

I think a young and hardworking Suns team tend to get many teams off guard a little. Guys like Bledsoe and Plumlee who were bench players have got something to show, and they did not shy away.
Contending teams like the Thunder and the Spurs still ended up with the W though. 20 games in, against teams where our talents cant compare, we are probably going to start losing more games.

I get it that the Suns need to tank if they want to acquire a much talented player in this upcoming draft, but for a new coach and a young team with players getting opportunities like they never did before, they probably have no intention to back down and let a rookie take over this franchise.

I want my Suns to go hard every night, and not losing on purposes. At the same time I want a high draft pick, i cant even decide anymore. Anyway we havent played against most of the elite teams yet, maybe only the Thunder and the Spurs. And the Suns will probably start losing when the seeding starts to get serious

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