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Default Re: Josh Smith's benching last night

Originally Posted by Big Cheese
Last year Josh got suspended for his shot selection and attitude. That didnt do shit.

Come on this is a guy who gets booed AT HOME everytime he shoots a jumper. I remember in his last home game as a hawk (in the playoffs vs pacers game 6) his shot selection was so bad he got booed everytime he touched the ball.

Throughout his career this guy has not listened to no1. The only year he toned down his bad shots was in 2009-2010 after the coaches promised him that he would make the all star team and be DPOY of the year. When he didnt get those awards he selfishly went back to shot jacking

I really like most of the Pistons players and their potential, but Smith was not a good idea. Maybe they should look to trade him and get a decent SF and picks...
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