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Default Re: Why is E Gordon getting paid MAX?

Originally Posted by coin24
Guys that don't want to be there and others playing like scrubs does not equal post season..
Of everyone was healthy and motivated it's still a stretch they'd make 8th spot, the west is too competitive..

Exactly. That is the point I keep trying to make. What is the ceiling for this team?

This year it is the 8th seed (unlikely) and a first round playoff loss.

Next year what is it? The 6th seed and a first round playoff loss? That might be too generous.

The following year?

And then after that...the team will look completely different as Davis will get the max and Gordon and Andersen (assuming they are still there) will likely not be resigned.

So over those 3 haven't built any continuity with long term Pelican players except for Holiday, Evans, and Davis...
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